Choral training program

Each boy progresses through the following training levels at his own rate, growing not only in musical knowledge and skills, but also gaining confidence and personal independence. A unique feature of the Choir is the 'career path' for boys after their voices change: the Kelly Gang for those of secondary-school age and The Vocal Consort for young adults.

(Approximately 10 weeks)
The new trainee starts as a probationer for one school term. Emphasis is placed on enjoyment, and the disciplines and skills of singing and understanding the language of music are gradually instilled by trained specialist staff.
(Approx 12 months*)
The Tyro training commences the real choral training for each boy, encouraging aural development and music reading skills as well as vocal development.
Junior Singer
(Approx 12 months*)
Junior Singer training builds on the basics with more emphasis on vocal technique and music reading skills. Performance skills become important at this level.
Senior Singer
(Approx 12 months)
Senior Singers concentrate on performance skills, while continuing to broaden their own musical skills and experience. Boys at this level may from time to time be selected to perform with the Choir in public performances.
The highest rank is that of Chorister, and these boys are eligible for selection as Leaders in the Australian Boys Choir, the top performing group.

* Durations given are estimates only and will depend on the individual's rate of progress.

The Australian Boys Choir comprises boys selected for their talent and dedication. Not every boy will earn a place in this performing group, which undertakes major concerts and other appearances, tours and recording engagements.