Our Performing Squad is the Australian Boys Choir's most senior treble choir. Boys are selected for the Performing Squad after they have completed the rigorous training required to tour and perform at the highest level. The Australian Boys Choral Institute's Performing Squad and adult choir, The Vocal Consort, are available for booking for private functions and recordings. Please contact us regarding fees and availability.


Pizza eating mathematician
Instruments: piano

"The choir has really let me express myself and I love it."


Chess Mastermind
Instruments: Classical Guitar, Double Bass

"I love singing with the ABCI because it calms me down after a tired and stressful day. It’s a great team full of talented and wonderful boys."


Artist and cyclist
Instruments: trumpet, piano

"I love going to new places to perform and singing in different languages."


Budding astronomer
Instruments: violin, double bass, used to play guitar and taught himself a bit of piano

"The performances really excite me. Getting up there, having everyone looking at you - it gives you a happy feeling knowing that people really respect your performance"


Singer songwriter and music producer
Instrument: drums

"“Music is my life. I have so much love for the Choir and the things we have and will continue to achieve."


Instrument: Instrument: piano, guitar

"I love all types of music but nothing beats singing with my friends in the choir, especially when we are all on tour. I love sneakers, skiing, skateboarding, drawing and playing guitar. And I love socks."


Doctor and Gamer who likes bike riding, reading, camping and other outdoor activities
Instruments: piano

"I like attending choir practise because I can make new friends and improve my vocal ability. I love performing and representing the Australian Boys Choir."


Born on Christmas Day (that’s why his middle name is Nicholas)!
Instruments: piano, violin, drums

"I love representing Australia and our talents,singing and making new friends.”"


Construction enthusiast
Instrument: piano

"I like the choir because I meet new friends and I have become a better singer. It's a joy to sing in the group."


Rugby playing, electric go-kart building scientist
Instruments: piano, trombone

"I enjoy learning and singing with the boys, it's lovely when we work together and our voices unite to become a gigantic music machine."


Potterhead and Hogwarts historian
Instrument: piano

"For me, choir is a huge part of my life. I look forward to choir for many reasons, not just singing. Being part of the choir is about expressing your emotions through songs, performing to make other people feel the music and pursuing one of my passions. It is also a great place to build strong friendships with my fellow singers."


Talented at wiggling his ears and his hair
Instruments: violin, viola

"The best part of my year is hot jam donuts on choir camp."


Supreme dessert and breakfast chef
Instruments: piano, violin, guitar, viola

"The opportunities you get from a young age with choir you can't get anywhere else."


Pho eating hockey hero
Instruments: trumpet

"I really love touring, weekend workshops and summer school."


Nature lover, 2-square champion, foodie and beginner chef, French speaker and reader and possible future medic.
Instruments: piano

"The ABCI gives me the opportunity to learn, socialise, have fun, fit in and to be part of a group."


Musician and military and 20th century historian
Instruments: violin, viola and a little bit of piano

"I love the fact that it is a community effort. Everyone is involved in some way and it is kind of difficult to hide in the shadows. Everyone matters!"


Voracious reader who enjoys camping, biking, travelling and connecting with friends.
Instruments: Piano, Viola

"The Choir and their excellent music teachers have helped me understand and appreciate so much about music. I really enjoy the friends I have made and love being part of the concerts and camps organised by the Choir."


Fast bowler, ski racer and book lover
Instruments: cello

"I love singing with the more experienced boys, and seeing the audience reaction when we perform."


Urban Maps and Architectural drawing enthusiast, budding Opera Composer, Entrepreneur/Founder of Armadale Tutoring Co (student to student tutoring service for kinder - yr 5 children)
Instruments: Piano, Clarinet and Quena (South American flute)

"There is nothing where you can get the same joy and vibrational energy than singing with a group of like minded musicians who all share a wonderful gift."


Socer superstar
Instruments: piano, saxophone

"I have discovered that the ABCI is more than just a place to learn to sing, but is also a nurturing environment for self-discipline and personal development including responsibility to the community. The quote: 'A flower does not think about competing with the flowers next to it, it just blooms' best describes my experience at the choir."


Cartophile - particularly likes Metro train maps

"Choir helps make so much more than music. It helps develop life skills, friendships and amazing experiences that stay with singers forever."





Sportsman, Potterhead & Composer
Instruments: piano

"Choir is my second home and brings the best out of me. I like choir because I can express my feelings through singing. It is a great way to start and finish the week. I don't know what my life would like be without choir!"


Dreamer and lover of mysteries and numbers
Instruments: violin, piano

"What could be better than singing? Singing in harmony with other Choir boys... when we are all IN TUNE!"


Numismatist and composer
Instruments: bass guitar, MIDI Controller, violin, electric guitar

"Choir is a where I’ve made lifelong friendships with people who share my passion for music."


Artist, chef, geologist and guppy breeder
Instruments: piano, trumpet, french horn

“I love the concerts and all of the amazing places we get to visit."





Budding author and Richmond supporter
Instruments: violin, piano

"I like the choir because I love having so many opportunities to improve."


Reader of the classic novels (and Harry Potter!)
Instruments: piano, violin

“I love coming to rehearsal every week and singing all of this wonderful music with my friends.”


Extreme gamer, breakdancer extraordinaire
Instruments: french horn, piano

"The reason I love the Australian Boys’ Choir so much is because of the amazing singing opportunities and genres we get to explore. The musical leadership we are given is second-to-none."


Avid reader and sporting superstar

"The times I spend at choir are happy and fun. Singing always puts a smile on my face."


Supercar expert, sailor and taekwondo master
Instrument: guitar

"My favourite choir memory was moving into Senior Singers and spending my first summer camp with the Performing Squad. My favorite thing is singalong where the entire choir sings together."


Budding author and science fiction enthusiast
Instrument: piano

“I love learning how music works and singing.”

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