Daniel Heerding


Daniel is the father of two boys who both reached the Performing Choir and have since retired, one having reached the rank of Chorister. He has been involved with the Choir since 2012 and became the Caring Team Leader in 2014. Daniel has accompanied the Choir on regional and international tours. He joined the board of the ABCI in 2017. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Arts from RMIT and a Masters of Business Administration from Monash Mt Eliza Business School. He is a keen practitioner of the Theory of Constraints, and has trained at the AGI Goldratt Institute. He is a volunteer facilitator with the Odyssey Program where he helps people find ways to improve their happiness, harmony and productivity. In his professional life, Daniel has a 20+ year career working in the manufacturing sector in a diverse range of roles. His current role is focused on Business Process Improvement.