The Australian Boys Choir is a not for profit (NFP) performing and training organisation. Much of our work relies on the kindness and generosity of donors, sponsors, patrons and a generous volunteer community. Find out more about how you can support us.


The Australian Boys Choir has earned international acclaim for musical excellence. Our performance program is complemented by a world-class education program designed to nurture boys and young men towards achieving their potential, both musical and personal.

Your help allows the Australian Boys Choir to deliver greater access to the unique experiences of our programs by providing funds for a wide range of projects.


Since 1939, the Choir has a distinguished reputation of helping boys to grow into exceptional young men. Our Bursary program ensures that we can offer assistance to boys of a variety of backgrounds.

Money is set aside and invested to help students and their families experiencing financial hardship. Increasing this pool will allow us to help more boys and ensure that the opportunity for excellence is not reserved only for the wealthy.

Bursaries are allocated based on musical potential, dedication and involvement with the Choir community - as well as financial need.

Current Bursary Funds include The Lady Patricia Connelly Fund which assists students with Term Fees or other expenses and The Dusting Family Fund which assists with Music School Fees.


Our changed voice ensembles are important parts of the Choir family and something that sets us apart from many other Choirs. Not only do they allow a wider variety of music to be performed by the Choir, but our singers are able to continue their musical education, their passion for singing and theIr friendships after their voice changes.

They are also exemplary role models for our boys. Young men remain in Kelly Gang and Cambiata until they complete secondary school and as adults may join The Vocal Consort.

Your support can help with the costs of the performance program, recordings, touring and administration of these groups.


Touring is an important aspect of the Choir’s program and a highlight for our singers.

In 2017 the Choir visited Central Australia, performing and conducting workshops in a variety of indigenous communities including Ntaria (Hermannsburg), Yulara, Coober Pedy and Wilpena Pound. It is our hope that we can return and continue this valuable program in 2019 and beyond.

In 2018 the Choir will visit Europe, continuing a roughly biennial program of overseas tours. In recent years tours have visited New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore and we hope to tour to China in 2020.

The costs of touring are borne by participants and their families, but the outlay is beyond the reach of some. Our Tour Fund helps ameliorate the costs of touring for all eligible boys and potentially offers extra support to those experiencing financial hardship. Donors can offer a sum towards the Tour Fund, towards a particular tour, or offer to support one or more students to participate in a tour.


The Australian Boys Choir has a strong commitment to Australian choral music and endeavours to commission and record new works as often as possible. Your support can help us to increase and broaden these opportunities.


Since the sale of the VJ Kelly Memorial House at 1002 Malvern Road, Armadale in March 1985, the Choir has been utilising rented premises. It is our goal to one again have our own premises and you can contribute to realising that dream.


If you would like to support the Choir, you may also consider making a profound and lasting contribution to choral education by making a bequest. Your gift will help ensure future generations of Australian boys will continue to experience world class musical training.

We understand that making your will is a very personal matter. But if you are considering leaving a bequest for the Australian Boys Choir, it is a great help if you let us know. This enables us to thank you personally and provides an opportunity for you to discuss your wishes with us. If you would like to speak to our staff about leaving a bequest, please contact us.