Our Training Program

Composer Zoltan Kodály (1882-1967) determined to build a national musical culture for his native Hungary by educating children in their heritage of folksongs (their ‘mother tongue’). Promoting the desire to sing, he discovered that it is possible to achieve universal musical literacy and to bring music into everyday living in home and classroom as well as the concert hall. His approach to music education has since become known as the 'Kodaly Method' and has had an enormous impact worldwide. According to one of the core principles of this methodology, the ear, the eye, the hand, and the heart must all be trained together. Hand signs are used to represent the notes of the solfege (do, re, mi, etc) and reinforce pitch, helping children to learn the intervals between the notes.

We at the ABC firmly believe that musical literacy ought to be a goal for all and that the benefits of a sound musical education are far-reaching for aesthetic, academic and social outcomes. So we have taken many of Kodály’s ideals and adapted them to our needs.

Each boy progresses through the following training levels of the Australian Boys Choir at his own rate, gaining not only musical knowledge and skills, but also growing in confidence and personal independence. A feature of the Choir is the unique 'career path' for boys after their voices change: the Kelly Gang for those of secondary-school age and The Vocal Consort for young adults.