How long does it take?
Your son's audition will take around 15 minutes. They are conducted by one of our friendly Music Team online or in small groups at the Choir's premises in Hawthorn. There is no cost to audition for the Australian Boys Choir training program.

What should we expect at the audition?
Auditions are informal and no preparation is required. We meet with boys and their families and facilitate a number of fun activities around beat, rhythm, pitch matching and concentration. Boys also will read a short story (or describe a simple picture) to establish their language skills – vital for singers who learn music reading! Our staff gently encourage boys to try these activities, and candidates attend their online audition with a parent.

Are there any tips?
There is no need to prepare children to audition, or for them to have a song prepared. We have no expectations of children being able to read music at auditions – potential and a natural musical ability is the main thing our staff are looking for. Like our training program, the audition is a series of activities and games designed to explore musical qualities such as pitch, rhythm and vocal clarity. Our staff notice boys who are well behaved, who use manners and have an ability to concentrate and employ self-discipline. We encourage parents to let their son explore the activities on offer in a way that is pressure-free. Do talk to your son about the fact that the audition is a way to try-out Choir as an activity.

Audition tips from our boys
“Don’t stress, try your best and remember to have fun”.
“Be calm and just try to do the best you can.”
“Be confident!”
“If you like singing then trust yourself and the staff will see if you have what it takes. Have fun!”

Audition tips from our parents
“Don’t put any pressure on your son – just encourage him to enjoy the experience without worrying too much about the outcome”.
“Talk to the boys”.

If my son is offered a place, how often will he rehearse?
Successful boys will be offered a place in our Probationer program. Rehearsals take place once a week, and boys are usually on probation for around 6 months depending on their progression and attendance.

What about pandemic precautions?
Along with the Choir’s general training program, we are completely COVID-19 compliant in line with government regulations. The Choir has also successfully conducted rehearsals online when required. Above all, we operate in consultation with the medical professionals in our community and in strict compliance with Government and Department directives.

Just some of our choir members' achievements
Several of our singers have gone on to receive choral scholarships, music scholarships or bursaries at various Melbourne schools. Boys have also been accepted to the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. There are also an increasing number that have completed grade 8+ AMEB instrumental exams. Choir members have also performed with Opera Australia in Turandot, La Boheme, Krol Roger and Tosca, and professional musical theatre productions including School of Rock, The Sound of Music and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Our alumni network is active in various parts of the local community and abroad.

What do our boys say about choir?
“Choir is an exciting learning and musical journey that will change your life forever” - Oliver, Chorister, Australian Boys Choir.

“My favourite thing about choir is how it provides a different set of friends to hang out with” - George, Senior Singer, Australian Boys Choir.

“The best thing about choir is coming together with people who share a passion in order to create something that is so special it cannot be put to justice in words” - Kelly Gang Member, Australian Boys Choir.

“I felt so accomplished being a part of something that has brought so much joy to people, regardless of whether or not they speak the same language as you. In reality, music is a language we all speak, something that crosses language barriers, and that’s something I experienced in Prague” - Kelly Gang Member, Australian Boys Choir.

“I recommend the choir because of the tutors who share their knowledge and expertise. I have learned so much” - Elis, Senior Singer, Australian Boys Choir.

What do our parents say about choir?
“Choir has brought a lot of joy to our son, he has found other children who deeply love music and has thrived on the opportunity to learn from Melbourne's finest musicians. We could not have chosen better role models for him to be surrounded and inspired by.” - Kate

“Along with an exceptional music education, the choir has nurtured a strong sense of community, tolerance, inclusion and respect that will serve my sons and those around them throughout their lives.” - Elizabeth

“The key benefits have been the high standard of musical education, life skills associated with the camp programs and touring with the choir.” - Wendy

“As a result of ABC, my son has a choral scholarship at a great school. His musical abilities are recognised and publicly valued. It has increased his confidence” - Jacinta

“Our 11 year old twin boys began with ABCI when they were 8…the choir has been the most important part of their musical training.” - Kim