EUROPE 2018 – DAY 2

EUROPE 2018 – DAY 1
September 21, 2018
EUROPE 2018 – DAY 3
September 23, 2018


Today’s blog post comes from members of the Yellow colour group – Vasunta, Ryan T, Eduardas and Andrew, and Liam.
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“Where the linden trees are standing” – Leipzig Day 1.

We awoke early and enjoyed a marvellous buffet breakfast. Everything was available, from eggs and bacon, cereals, pastries, fruits, meats, and various cheeses. Our stomachs now filled with the delights of breakfast, we turned our eyes to the exiting day the carers and our tour guide had planned – a guided tour of Leipzig followed by our first concert at Bach’s church, St Thomas.

As we rode on the bus to Bach’s famous church (St. Thomas Church) Gheta, our tour guide, talked to us about Leipzig and how the name originates from the Linden Trees (“lime trees”). Upon arrival at St. Thomas Church, we took in its view, as well as a statue of Felix Mendelssohn.

Today we had a really nice but tiring day. We had a walking tour of the city of Leipzig. We had to find all the places on the card that we got from our tour guide. We also went to the Bach museum. It was really interesting seeing Bach’s handwriting. Today we had our first concert at the Thomaskirche. It all went well.

After a fantastic tour of Leipzig we spent some time relaxing and preparing for our upcoming concert at St Thomas’s church. When we arrived we had the soundcheck/warm up and then went to our room upstairs and changed into our performance clothes. Later we started the concert and began to sing our songs which was great fun and the audience seemed to enjoy it as well which was great. In all the day was fantastic.