EUROPE 2018 – DAY 1

EUROPE 2018 – DAY 0
September 20, 2018
EUROPE 2018 – DAY 2
September 22, 2018


Hallo from Germany! Today the choir arrived safe and sound in Frankfurt after a long flight over from Melbourne and Singapore. After meeting our local guide Barbara and bus driver from Budaventura Travel, everyone settled in for another long transit on the bus from Frankfurt to Leipzig. Although at least this time there was plenty of scenery along the way, with lots of German trees, crops, trucks, and windmills to look at!

There was also an old castle or two that we were able to spot out the window.

We then took a brief pit stop at a small petrol station eatery for the first real highlight of the trip… SCHNITZEL!

After the last leg of the bus trip and settling into our hotel, we met our accompanist for the tour, choir old-boy Graham Cox who now lives and works in Germany. Still fighting off jet-lag we settled in for a quick rehearsal to brush up on our music for tomorrow’s performance in the Thomaskirche, where J.S. Bach worked for 20 years and is buried. Today was Johannes’s birthday, so everyone also joined in for a rousing multi-harmony version of Happy Birthday at the end to celebrate.

Finally everyone settled in for another delicious meal in the hotel, before quickly heading to bed to get plenty of sleep ahead of tomorrows city tour and afternoon performance. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog update!