EUROPE 2018 – DAY 8

EUROPE 2018 – DAY 7
September 26, 2018
EUROPE 2018 – DAY 9
September 28, 2018


We had our final breakfast in Salzburg before setting off on our 3 hour ride through the beautiful Austrian scenery, our destination being the nation’s capital and largest city, Vienna. Upon arrival in Vienna we stopped off at a local restaurant for lunch, which featured pumpkin soup and vegetarian lasagne.
(Editor’s note – at this point Rachel snuck around with a zoom lens and got some great post-lunch headshots!)

Following this we met our Viennese tour guide and enjoyed a two hour sightseeing tour of the city. We took in the view of the town hall in the distance, as well as all the historic monuments and infrastructure. The tour guide taught us about the main influences on Viennese history such as Napoleon and the Hapsburg family. We finished out tour amongst the many shops in front of the St Stevens Church.