EUROPE 2018 – DAY 9

EUROPE 2018 – DAY 8
September 27, 2018
EUROPE 2018 – DAY 10
September 29, 2018


This morning we left the hotel for a bus tour around Vienna. We arrived at the Schonbrunn Palace. We listened to an audio guide around the palace. We explored the gardens and after a good morning tour we departed for lunch.

After the tour, lunch was only a short bus ride away. We went to a great restaurant called Moslinger. The food there was fantastic, we started with a delicious beef soup, then we moved onto main course which was chicken with sauce and small rice dumplings and for the vegetarians there was beetroot gnocchi. After eating and having a small toilet break we went to a local park. We had a 20 minute quiet time break relaxing on the grass, bathing in the warm sun (I’m still wondering if Melbourne continues to be cold?). Then we had a small break for playing on the playground or in the grass, we all had a fantastic time. Then we walked a small distance to the bus, grabbed our music and shoe bags and walked to the church where we would be performing. There we met the Vienna Mozart Boys Choir and had a short rehearsal, got changed into reds and suits and prepared for the performance.

Green Tree Frog. Premium edition. After the concert, drinks were served and food was enjoyed by both the ABC and the Mozart Boys Choir. They had a fabulous performance that lasted for about 20 minutes. They sang a happy welcome song and a couple of German songs. Some kids were really small and cute and they all sang like cute tyros. We sang for about 50 minutes and had a happy party after. The day was over and we will be back in Melbourne soon.